Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia, Hotel Spa Golfer, 19-22 September 2018


Organising Committee

  • Roberto Antolović, president
  • Ana Bielen, secretary
  • Marija Duvnjak, treasurer
  • Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn
  • Luca Guardabassi
  • Danko Hajsig
  • Dubravko Jelić
  • Domagoj Kifer
  • Predrag Kočila
  • Marina Payerl-Pal
  • Ivana Rajnović


International Scientific Committee

  • Gordana Maravić Vlahoviček, president (Croatia)
  • Maja Abram (Croatia)
  • Sebastian Amyes (United Kingdom)
  • Fernando Baquero (Spain)
  • Suzana Bukovski (Croatia)
  • Claudio Orlando Gualerzi (Italy)
  • Maja Šegvić Klarić (Croatia)



Organised by Croatian Microbiological Society, Bulgarian Society for Microbiology and Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology.




Force majeure

In case of force majeure (defined as any event or circumstance that is clearly outside the control of Symposium organizers; such as, but not limited to, war, strike, terrorism or threat of terrorism,  epidemics or outbreaks, fire and other “acts of God”), the Symposium organisers have the right to alter or cancel the Symposium without previous notice. The organisers shall not be liable for any damages and losses or any other participants, sponsors and supporters inconveniences or costs caused by such modification or cancellation of the Symposium.