Piotr Goliński, Poland

Poznań University of Life Sciences
Department of Chemistry Wojska Polskiego 75
60-625 Poznan, Poland
e-mail: piotrg@up.poznan.pl

Education, Training and Work experience

2013 – present: Head of International PhD Studies at Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poznań, Poland

2005 – present: Member of the Editorial Board of The World Mycotoxins Journal

2000 – present: Head of Chemistry Department, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

1996 – 2002: v-President of Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

1993 – 2000: Professor, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Poland

1993 – 1994: Visiting professor, University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN, USA

1989: Habilitation – Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

1987 – 1989: 16 months Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship, Northern Regional Research Center, Peoria Il., USA

1979: Ph.D. – Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

1972: M.Sc. – Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland


List of published, representative papers (last 5 years):

  1. Waśkiewicz A., Goliński P., KarolewskiZ., IrzykowskaL., Bocianowski J., KosteckiM., WeberZ. 2010.  Food Add Contam, 27 (5): 608 – 615.             
  2. Goliński, P. Waśkiewicz, A. H. Wiśniewska, I. Kiecana, E. Mielniczuk, K. Gromadzka, M. Kostecki, J. Bocianowski, E. Rymaniak. 2010. Food Add Contam 27 (6): 1015-1024.
  3. Mleczek M., Rutkowski P., Rissmann I., Kaczmarek Z., Goliński P., Szentner K., Strażyńska K., Stachowiak A., 2010. Biomass and Bioenergy, 34, 1410-1418.
  4. Drzewiecka K, Mleczek M, Gąsecka M, Magdziak Z, Goliński P. 2012.Journal of Hazardous Materials 217-218: 428-439.
  5. Mleczek M, Kozłowska M, Kaczmarek Z, Chadzinikolau T, Magdziak Z, Goliński P. 2012. Intern. Journal of Phytoremediation 14: 75-88
  6. Magdziak Z, Mleczek M, Kaczmarek Z, Goliński P. 2013. Trees – Structure and Function 27: 663-673.
  7. Gąsecka M, Drzewiecka K, Stachowiak J, Siwulski M, Goliński P., Sobieralski K. 2013. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 22(9a): 2651-2658.
  8. Waśkiewicz A, Beszterda M, Kostecki M, Zielonka Ł, Goliński P, Gajęcki M. 2014. Toxins 6: 973-987.   
  9. Waśkiewicz A, Morkunas I, Bednarski W, Mai VC, Formela M, Beszterda M, Wiśniewska H, Goliński P. 2014. Deoxynivalenol and oxidative stress indicators in winter wheat inoculated with Fusarium graminearum. Toxins  6: 575-591.

Co-authorship of book chapters:

1.  Goliński P, Waśkiewicz A, Gromadzka K. 2011. Zearalenone and its derivatives: known toxins in new aspects. In: Mycotoxins in food, feed and bioweapons, (Eds) Rai M, Varma A.  Springer 113-129.

2.  Drzewiecka K, Mleczek M, Waśkiewicz A, Goliński P. 2012. Oxidative stress and phytoremediation. 425-451. W: Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants. Metabolism, Productivity and Sustainability. (Eds.) Parvaiz A. and Prasad, M.N.V. Springer 2012

3.  Waśkiewicz A, Muzolf-Panek M, Goliński P. 2013. Phenolic content changes in plants under salt stress. In: Ecophysiology and Responses of Plants under Salt Stress. (Eds) Paravaiz A, Azooz MM, Prasad MNV. Springer 283-315.

4.  Waśkiewicz A, Beszterda M, Goliński P. 2013. ABA: Role in plant signaling under salt stress. In: Salt Stress in Plants. Signalling, Omics and Adaptations, (Eds) Parvaiz A and Prasad MNV. Springer 175-196.

5. Waśkiewicz A, Gładysz O, Szentner K, Goliński P. 2014. Role of glutathione in abiotic stress tolerance. In: Oxidative Damage to Plants, Antioxidant Network and Signaling. (Ed.) Paravaiz A. Elsevier 149-169.

6. Waśkiewicz A, Beszterda M, Goliński P. 2014. Non-enzymatic antioxidants in plants. In: Oxidative Damage to Plants, Antioxidant Network and Signaling. (Ed.) Paravaiz A. Elsevier 201-223.

7. Morkunas I, Van Chung M, Waśkiewicz A, Formela M, Goliński P. 2014. Major phytohormones under abiotic stress. In: Physiological Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Plants Under Changing Environment – vol. 2. (Eds.) Paravaiz A, Wani MR. Springer 87-135.

8. Magdziak Z, Gąsecka M, Goliński P, Mleczek M. 2015. Phytoremediation and environmental factors. In : Phytoremediation Managment of environmental contaminants – vol. 1 (Eds.) Adid A. Ansari, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Ritu Gill, Guy R. Lanza, Lee Newman Springer Part I, 45-55.


Recent research Projects:

  1. Project No N R12 0065 10 sponsored in period 2011 – 2013 by our Ministry of Science and Education and by Committee of Science Foundation) “Cultivation of Salix cultivars on marginal land, degraded and chemically contaminated areas for the production of bio-mass, raw material for construction particleboards, as energy crops and for environment phytoremediation purposes” (2011-2013).
  2. Project No NN 312 0747 40 sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland (MSHE) “Residue of selected mycotoxins in human blood serum in view of biological, diagnostic and nutrition aspects” (2011-2014).
  3. Project No NN 310 7203 40 sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland (MSHE) “Assessment of susceptibility of new bread winter wheat cultivars to ear blight and mycotoxin accumulation in grain in terms of suitability for specific branches of cereal industry (flour milling, bakery industry) and consumer health protection” (2011-2014).

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