Andrea Lauková

Dr. Andrea Lauková, senior scientist gradueted University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice (Slovakia). She works at Institute of Animal Physiology Slovak Academy of Sciences (there her PhD was done related to ruminal bacteria and optimization of digestion). Her the most interest is focused on bacteriocin-producing bacteria with probiotic properties representants of the phylum Firmicutes, especially genera included lactic acid producing bacteria, mostly probiotic and bacteriocin producing enterococci and their enterocins (but also lactobacilli). Her group is more focused on application of own strains and their enterocins for animal health especially of food-producing animals. She was responsible and participated in more EU projects and Slovak or bilateral projects related to bacteriocins or probiotic related to food safety and animals health. Two strains characterized in her group are components of the commercial products for animals.