Monday, 15.05.2023.

Arrival of participants and accomodation
14.00 15.00 Registration of participants
15.00 15.30 Opening ceremony
15.30 16.05 IL 1 D. Mattanovich (Austria): CO2 capture and conversion to base chemicals by engineered autotrophic yeast
16.05 16.40 IL 2 I. Matić (France): rRNA operon multiplicity as a bacterial genome stability insurance policy
16.40 17.00 Coffee break
Session I: Microbes in the laboratory
Chairpersons: Robert Kourist, Branka Vasiljević
17.00 17.35 IL 3 A. Sibirny (Ukraine): Non-conventional yeasts for biofuels and high-value chemicals
17.35 18.10 IL 4 B. Vasiljević (Serbia): Effect of free fatty acids on Streptomyces
18.10 18.30 OP 1 T. Márquez (Austria): Secondary metabolites from mono- and co-cultures of bacteria associated with the freshwater bryozoan Cristatella mucedo
18.30 18.50 OP 2 P. Shetty (Hungary): Impact of algal-bacterial co-cultivation on algal biomass and biohydrogen production
18.50 19.10 OP 3 M. Miloloža (Croatia): Comparison of bioremediation strategies for the biodegradation of microplastics by bacteria and yeast
20.00 Welcome Reception


Tuesday, 16.05.2023.

8.00 9.00 Registration of participants
Session II: Microbes in the factory
Chairpersons: Colin Harwood, Diethard Mattanovich
9.00 9.35 IL 5 R. Kourist (Austria): Enzyme discovery and protein engineering for the synthesis of new biobased polymers
9.35 10.10 IL 6 C. Harwood (United Kingdom): Optimising Bacillus subtilis for industrial enzyme production
10.10 10.30 OP 4 M. Zugan (Slovenia): The potential of new Paraburkholderia sp. isolates for upcycling lignin from invasive plant species
10.30 10.50 Coffee break
10.50 11.25 IL 7 H. Pichler (Austria): Yeast sterol engineering
11.25 12.00 IL 8 N. Čadež (Slovenia): Genomic Adaptations of Saccharomyces Yeasts to Brewing Environments
12.00 12.20 OP 5 O. Schneider (Austria): Genome mining of Streptomyces sp. S4.7 for meroterpenoids and prenylated phenazines
12.20 12.40 OP 6 J. Ruchala (Poland): Yeasts as biotechnological producers of bacterial antibiotics roseoflavin and aminoriboflavin
12.40 13.00 OP 7 Q.D. Nguyen (Hungary): New approach for development of artificial microbial consortium for biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
13.00 15.00 Lunch break (optional)
15.00 17.00 Tribune “Microbes in cheese and wine production” (Suppored by: Agrolaguna)
Chairperson: Mirna Mrkonjić Fuka
15.00 15.15 TL 1 N. Mikulec (Croatia): The potential of microencapsulation in cheese production
15.15 15.30 TL 2 J. Burtscher (Austria): Prevention of late blowing in cheese
15.30 15.45 TL 3 S. Radeka (Croatia): Influence of maceration time and temperature on bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity in Malvazija istarska and Teran wines
15.45 16.00 TL 4 I. Lukić (Croatia): Influence of non-Saccharomyces yeasts on chemical and sensory characteristics of Malvazija istarska white wine with the emphasis on volatile esters as revealed by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
16.00 16.20 Coffee break
16.20 20.00 Poster session


Wednesday, 17.05.2023.

Session III: Microbes in the environment
Chairpersons: Maja Rupnik, Nikolina Udiković Kolić
9.00 9.35 IL 9 G. Maróti (Hungary): Exploitation of interkingdom microbial interactions in bioenergy generation
9.35 9.55 OP 8 I. Dimkić (Serbia): Differential abundance analysis of “core” bacteriobiota during key growth stages of maize
9.55 10.15 OP 9 I. Babić (Croatia): Assessing the health of the marine environment by tracking a complex network of microbial communities in sediment
10.15 10.35 OP 10 A. Puljko (Croatia): Extended-spectrum ß-lactamase- and carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales in hospital wastewater in Croatia
10.35 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 11.20 OP 11 S. Kajić (Croatia): Phylogenetic analysis of indigenous rhizobial strains nodulating soybean (Glycine max L.) and their symbiotic efficiency under drought conditions
11.20 11.40 SL 1 Gold sponsor presentation – L. Markulin (Labena, Croatia) eDNA Detection: A Powerful Tool for Monitoring Microbes in the Environment
11.40 12.00 OP 12 M. Rusková (Slovakia) Analysis of microbial community and specific resistance genes of the microplastics, water and surroundings of Danube River
12.00 14.00 Lunch break (optional)
15.00 23.00 Excursion with dinner (optional)


Thursday, 18.05.2023.

Session IV: Microbes in the human body
Chairpersons: Roberto Antolović, Aleš Lapanje
9.00 9.35 IL 10 S. Friant (France): Humanization of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae to study human proteins and rare genetic disease patient mutations
9.35 10.10 IL 11 P. Olejníková (Slovakia): Microbial resistance is a Hot Topic – Are we able to slow down the adaptation process of microbial cells and thereby combat the increasing resistance phenomena?
10.10 10.30 OP 13 H. Bujdakova (Slovakia): Antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation – a promising approach to killing infectious pathogens
10.30 10.50 OP 14 A. Mahnic (Slovenia): Microbiome patterns and biomarker discovery in Clostridioides difficile infection: insights from human cohorts and in vitro models
10.50 11.10 Coffee break
Session V: Microbes in the computer
Chairperson: Bojan Žunar
11.10 11.45 IL 12 M. Shintani (Japan): Behaviors of plasmids in different natural environments
11.45 12.05 OP 15 D. Balázs (Hungary): Structure-activity relationships of Trichoderma peptaibols – a crucial step towards practical applications
12.05 12.25 OP 16 A. Colautti (Italy): Whole genome sequencing and machine learning assisted study to understand diffusion dynamics of Legionella pneumophila in a local area
12.30 Closing words