During his PhD studies, he focused on DNA sequencing, especially currently the most important method of next generation sequencing. Author of the method for non-invasive detection of fetal chromosomal aneuploidies from peripheral blood of pregnant women implemented in clinical practice. Member of the European Society of Human Genetics ESHG, the European Society of Hereditary Tumors EHTG, SSLG Working Group member on the Development of Documents on Specific Aspects of Implementing Genomic Approaches to Clinical Practice in the Slovak Republic, F1000 (Faculty 1000) member with expertise on Prenatal Diagnostics. He is member of Czechoslovak Microbiology Society. He is the author of the European patent for non-invasive prenatal testing for chromosomal fetal aneuploidies – EP3283647 awarded in 2018. His current research focus is on microbiome analysis role in grape growing and winemaking process. (h-index 12, 46/352 publications/citations according to SCOPUS)

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